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Making the best lagers we can takes a lot of work, and it all starts with the best ingredients. To source these we have looked to one of the best lager-brewing countries in the World, Germany.

We only use malt from Franconia in Germany that we mill on site just before every brew for utmost freshness; we import our classic German hop varieties directly from a renowned hop farm in Tettnang; our house lager yeast is grown for us in Bavaria and shipped overnight for maximum quality.

The final, and some say, most important ingredient is our local Midlands water. We have our own reverse osmosis water treatment plant to soften the water and ensure a greater smoothness in the final product.
Our semi-automated, three vessel 10hL ZIP brewhouse enables us to turn these great ingredients into our lagers using traditional German brewing techniques.

We perform decoction mashing, bringing some of the mash to the boil to create a deeper maltiness in the final beer
We ferment our beers at 9ºC, colder and slower than standard commercial lagers

After primary fermentation, which takes about a week, we lay our beers down to mature at 2/3ºC in our traditional horizontal tanks for a minimum of 30 days. That’s 6 weeks from grain to glass! This process is called lagering and it’s the most important part of making our beer: the live yeast keeps working and the beer gets naturally carbonated, smoother and brighter.

We don’t use any filtering or fining agents except for time and patience! This also means our beer is vegan friendly. To have total control over the entire process, we package every bottle and keg ourselves, and we hold the finished product in our 4ºC cold store to keep the beer as fresh as possible.

Every step we take ensures we brew very complex and delicious lagers: we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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