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Overtone is the newest brewery in Glasgow, founded in 2018. Our adventure started with one very determined young man wanting to make his dream a reality, going from home brewer to brewery owner. The founder Bowei Wang created this playground for us all to enjoy as his moto is getting people together to enjoy the love of craft beer. And that same love for beer brought the other two members of the team together from two corners of the world (New Hampshire and New Zealand) with one common interest, craft beer and building their brewery.
Our head brewer Daniel Miller has come all the way from New Hampshire, America. He is bringing American style beers to Glasgow. Using the best quality ingredients like the Vermont yeast to give us the best results that new England would approve off. Alongside that we are going to be a fully fluid brewery with no core range, giving us the flexibility to brew beers that we are excited and passionate about. We thrive in creating beers bursting with flavour from nothing more than the hops, malts and yeast, no flavouring or juice, making it an all-natural product.

Here at Overtone, our principles are simple, Brew only the freshest, flavoursome, quality beers. We are always going to try new and exciting things to push the boat out and continue playing around with new ingredients to bring new and exciting beers to the market. As hops fade fast we are wanting to bring you the freshest and coldest way to drink our beer and Cans are the way forward.

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