Ever-changing and ever-expanding, our brewery is the heart of everything we do at Tempest. We’ve come a long way from a disused dairy shed in Kelso, and we’re still growing and adding to it all the time.

Today, our brewhouse in Tweedbank in sight of the Eildon Hills has a capacity of 30HL, aided by a plethora of tanks, vessels and equipment that allow us to create fresh, high quality beer. Quality has always been what we’re most passionate about, and we invest a lot of the money we make into learning about and implementing new techniques and equipment that keeps our standards high.

Every beer we brew is a collaborative effort between every member of our team; from conceptualisation, to brewing, to packaging, to marketing. We work together to make sure we brew beers that we can all be proud of.

We always say that we brew beers we want to drink, and that’s really the best way to sum it up. We brew beers based on concepts we have for a beer like Mexicake, seasonal styles or ingredients, or even just wanting to brew a particular style of beer and really perfect it.

But “beer we want to drink” extends beyond just styles and ideas, because we also want to drink really good quality beer that’s been treated with respect and we do just that. We’ve invested a great deal in lab equipment to make sure that at every stage of the brewing process from brew to bottle, our beer is high-quality. Ingredients are particularly important to us, so from propagating our own house strains of yeast, to using the best local malted barley from Simpsons Malt, to making the most of the natural water resource in our area, we can guarantee only the very best goes into each batch of beer. Our centrifuge has allowed us to cease using isinglass finings in our beer meaning that not only are our beers free of unnecessary chemicals, but they’re also Vegan Friendly. And finally, our bottling line allows us full control over the packaging process, and also means that we are able to keep our beer unpasteurised and extremely fresh.

We do all this to ensure that what ends up in your glass is fresh, delicious, and of the highest possible quality we can attain.

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