Craft Beer News May Roundup

Posted on 24/05/17

In this month’s craft beer news roundup we discuss the latest news and trends within the craft beer industry. It appears craft beer is starting to hit the mainstream as supermarkets continue to grow their inventory and range of craft beer. Imported craft beers are starting to make an impact on the British craft beer industry with several breweries launching in the UK. With breweries constantly popping up and demand for craft beer at an all-time high the UK continues to see a growth in the craft beer market.

Supermarkets add to their beer range

Supermarkets are starting to really catch on to the craft beer movement with the beer shelves increasingly being covered with craft beer. ASDA has now added 100 craft beers, to their shelves it has been reported that craft beer will take over 10% of the beer space that is currently being covered by larger beer brands. Asda’s ale and craft beer buyer Hywel Evans stated that “With the craft beer movement gaining speed, we hope these changes will help Asda become a real destination for craft beer drinkers – both those familiar with the products and those just entering the category.” This trend has also caught on to ASDA’s competitors with Co-Op, Waitrose and Tesco all increasing their stockings of craft beers. Tesco and Waitrose have seen booming craft beer sales, with Waitrose reporting sales up 33% year-on-year and Tesco seeing annual growth of 40%.

Imported Craft Beer Continue to hit the UK Market

More international craft beer breweries are setting their sights on the UK market as UK importer, with Morgenrot adding Spanish craft brewery Cerveses La Pirata to their range of craft beer. Commercial director John Critchley stated;’ “After witnessing first-hand consumer feedback to the beers at Craft Beer Rising, we knew instantly that they had a place in this competitive UK craft beer market and we look forward to unleashing them on the rest of the country.”

The trend of UK importers partnering with international breweries can also be found in the United States and Chile, with Californian Stone Brewing and Chilean Rothhammer both launching in the UK. Stone Brewing UK’s importing partner James Clay expressed his delight of their newly found partnership, proclaiming Stone Brewing’s IPAs as modern classics. Stone Brewing executive chairman Greg Coch expressed his excitement about launching in the UK stating that, “craft beer continues to grow in Europe and as the UK has an established craft beer market”. Stone Brewing is importing its beer to the UK via its brewery in Berlin however Rothammer’s  import partner Trilogy Beverage Brands has partnered with Petainer to transport its beer from Chile to the UK using PET packaging which allows it transfer alcohol around the world for a fraction of the cost of the more commonly used kegs.

The UK Craft Beer Market Continues to Grow

The British Craft Beer Market is in full swing; new breweries are opening every month in the UK, UK breweries in general are pushing forward with massive expansion plans and larger breweries are retaining their position by launching their own craft beers. A recent article in Business of Drinks, argued that the market for “Great Beer” and “Craft Beer”, is starting to see real growth where dramatic increases in sales are being achieved throughout the UK. And it appears the UK is not unique in this manner with Russia and Brazil particularly witnessing large growth. What’s interesting is that whilst craft beer is continuing to grow in popularity, alcohol consumption continues to decrease which seems to point to the argument that consumers are opting for a quality over quantity approach to alcohol.

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