Craft Metropolis’ Beer Club Roundup Spring 2017

Posted on 24/05/17

As a craft beer club we are committed to delivering the best information about our best beers we at Craft Metropolis have decided to start a beer roundup blog covering some of our most interesting beers of the month.

Toast Ale

Toast ale a beer that is made from leftover bread is a certainty a very unique beer with a strong social purpose. We recently wrote an article about Toast Ale where we talked about their fascinating history and their mission to end food waste. Their ingenious brewing process involves using leftover artisan bread with malted barley and hops to create a beer that not only creates an amazing beer but also manages to help the environment whilst all proceeds at donated to charity. The UK brewery which has managed to gain appraisal from professional chefs such as Dan Barber and Jamie Oliver has now managed to crowdfund via Indiegogo to bring their operation to the United States. Home Brewing magazine Brew Your Own recently wrote a great feature length article discussing toast ale where they explained how the bread is prepared for brewing process.

Gosnells Mead

I’ve always been a big fan of mead, the sweet honey drink has a history that goes back over 8,000 years. What makes Gosnells mead differ from others is that it really attempts to take a beer style approach with a 5.5% ABV, whereas the vast majority of meads are styled more as wines typically with a 13% ABV. Drink Monger recently wrote a very favorable review stating that the beers hoppy and fruity taste, with a lowered sweetness and slight fizz has become an instant staff favorite. On how his recipe differs from other mead Gosnells Mead’s creator Tom Gosnell stated that the he’d “gone back to the traditional base and, instead of masking the flavours of the honey with additives; we’re making a product that celebrates the simplicity of the drink and the sweet, floral notes of the honey.”

Peckham Pils:

There has been a massive influx in craft lagers recently and it’s particularly difficult to find a Pilsner that stands out, however Brick Brewery have managed to succeed in just that with Pecham Pils. Brick Brewery claims their Pecham Pils was one of the first lager style beer brewed by a micro-brewery. The Czech style lager has been described by Ben Watts as a perfect example of why the pilsner style was so popular prior to the age of mass-production. Ben adds that its low bitterness and complex aromas creates an easy drinking pils that is slightly dry and spicy on finish.

Beyond the Pale

The London Beer Factories’ Beyond the Pale has consistently achieved favorable reviews with Jeff Evans of Inside Beer describes the beer as “A session pale ale in the American style, this golden beer has plenty of U.S. hop flavor from nose to tail—grapefruit, orange, melon and pine, with a slightly sappy, spicy tang.” A great novelty feature of Beyond the Pale is its 360 degree cans, which allows you to take the top off the can so that you to experience the beers aromas rather than the traditional smell of a metal. The Carouser describes the ring pull can as a way of turning the can into a cup without doing any of the washing up.

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