In a month’s time, 25 people reading this will be receiving regular craft beer deliveries to their house – and you could be one of them...

In a month’s time, 27 people reading this will be receiving regular craft beer deliveries by post – and you could be one of them...

...but to do so, you’ll need to register your interest below ASAP!

Oli, Craft Metropolis

Any chance I can send you some lovely craft beer?

Let me explain.

Craft Metropolis is new beer club.

As a member,

– You get delicious craft beers regularly delivered to your door

– You always have good craft beer waiting for you at home

– And you’re never stuck drinking tasteless, mass-produced lager


I’d love for you to join. But here’s the thing.

Our craft beer club is unlike all others.

It’s the only club that allows you to choose your own beers. Which means we must stay small (trust me – management is a right headache).

So we’re currently looking for 27 new craft beer-loving members. Interested?

Then register your interest below - there’s free beer in it for you (as you'll see below):



The first 27 people to register will have the chance to join the club. And, as a welcome present, they’ll get six free craft beers with their first box.

Fancy it?

Then register your interest above now. I’ll then email you to let you know if you're one of the lucky 27.

See you in your inbox,


(The founder)

Craft Metropolis

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Step 2

we search

We trawl the globe tasting great beer

Step 1

you pick

Pick craft beers and get them in record time

buy fresh and exclusive craft beers straight from the experts

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