Why join the Craft Metropolis craft beer club?

Posted on 21/02/17

How much money do I have? Keep your nose out!…but if I had a pound for everyone that said “beer in the post that’s a great idea” I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be on a beach. It’s great because getting beer delivered to your door is one of life’s ultimate pleasures.

Beer in the post….tell me more?

You already love beer right? You may already have a taste for new craft beers but you don’t know how to get a regular supply of delicious craft brews when you’re miles from a good outlet – either way that’s where we come in. We do all the hard work and pop beers in the post to your home or work whenever you want and however often you want them.

Sounds good but I already enjoy normal beer – what is craft beer?

It’s beer that’s full of flavour and packed with character. It’s made by the small breweries and because of that it tastes better, looks better and is better for you. No hangovers here!*

*Not a promise!

What do I get if I join?

Well you will not only get 12 small batch beers delivered to your home every 1, 2 or 3 months but you get to join the scores of people joining London’s best craft beer club every month. It’s a box of delightful discovery through a world full of beer.

Craft Metropolis Craft Beer Club

Why Craft Metropolis?

Here you don’t talk to admin or staff – drop us an email and the boss will answer it. Plus with our beer club you can pick your own beer. That’s right, unlike all the other clubs that throw whatever THEY want at you we give you the option to choose. Or we can do that for you. We work direct with the breweries and pack the beer ourselves. No big warehouse, no middle men. This is a beer club with nothing hidden or held back on. Flexibility. Community. Craft beer. All here.

Isn’t it more expensive than the supermarket?

Yes, absolutely. And for good reason. You can’t get most of these beers on their shelves full of tasteless fizz. These beautiful brews are delivered directly to us from tiny breweries all over London and beyond. that comes at a cost but compare us to our competitors and we are bang on the money. Literally. Oh, but you can pick your own beers too. No on else allows that, just us. Did I mention that? Our boxes range from £34.50 to £38 – try us and I know you’ll be impressed.

So sum it up…

Beer. Delivered. Value. Delivered. Quality. Delivered. Flexibility. Delivered. Delivery delivered even! Delivery is FREE on ALL orders by the way. It’s time to upgrade your fridge!

Craft Metropolis Craft Beer Club

Excellent, so how do I join up?

Easy it takes two minutes – we can’t wait to welcome you to one of the UK’s top craft beer box clubs (as rated by the Independent in 2016)

So sign up right here and let me send you some beer. I’ll even throw in your first 4 beers on ME! Yep, free beer you heard correctly.

Sign up here for our great CRAFT BEER CLUB  and when you join any of our monthly boxes code: BLOG4FREE gets you the FREE brews. This is a limited offer and free beer does not hang about so grab yours now!

Go on, you’re worth it.


Oli (Founder, Craft Metropolis)



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