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MoncadaMoncada is more than a brewery it’s our home. When Julio Moncada first came travelling through West London in 2001 he instantly fell in love with the place. As a dedicated “foodie” he first wanted to start a deli, but then he had an even better idea – the Moncada Brewery.

He couldn’t have chosen a better location. Notting Hill has long been home of one of London’s most creative communities. It’s a place of great contrasts – part gentrified, part bohemian, always creative, always diverse and ever changing. Inspired by the neighbourhood, he surrounded himself with like-minded craft beer obsessives, and set about creating our signature Brew – Notting Hill.


We’re different from the massive breweries. We’re incredibly passionate about what we do. When we wake up in the morning all we want to do is brew a good beer. So we come to work and we do just that. We don’t just come up with a formula, set the machines and then press a few buttons.

Every beer brewed here at Moncada comes straight from our heart. Each and every beer is made by hand, and brewed to taste, not a formula. And that makes people happy.


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