Gipsy Hill Brewery

2013: Charlie and Sam met at craft beer institution The Rake in Borough Market. We’d both heard from a mutual friend we had the same plans – to build a brewery. We shook hands, drank some beer, got to know each other and penned a plan to put our stake in the brewing world.

2014: We put all our cash together and leased a unit in Gipsy Hill, Charlie’s backyard. We pulled in Simon in April, stainless steel tanks arrived in May, and we started brewing half batches in July. We started with Southpaw and were 90% cask from the start. By September we had introduced Beatnik.

It was a crazy time. We wanted to make the best beer we could and learned the hard way how difficult it is. Every day we pushed ourselves, we changed how we brewed and we listened to our loyal customers. Every day we got better. Quality became one of the daily mantras we built into how we operate.

Gipsy Hill Brewery

2018: Employees: 19 (est.); Tank count: 21 (@1,420hl capacity); Beer brewed: 8,000hl

In the first 4 months of 2018, we’ve opened a fully accessible tap room, so our customers and community can enjoy our beers on site, getting the freshest Gipsy Hill beer you can get anywhere. We’ve released 12 special beers outside of our core range. We built a pilot brew kit so that we can trial small batches of beer onsite before putting them through the big brewhouse. We started a barrel-ageing program with 4 beers so far racked into a variety of barrels.

At Gipsy Hill we’ve refocused our vision to focus on three core principles: 1) Quality, 2) Innovation, 3) Community. Everything we do here bears those three elements in mind in the purest way we can. We’re going to be collaborating with interesting and different partners who will help us emphasis these goals.

There lots more to come in 2018 alone, and we’re really excited to see where it’ll take us.

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