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The We Pick Crsft beer Box

free-deliveryGo on, make it easy for yourself! Just imagine – no fuss, no effort, no headache. Join our beer club and you get a varied selection of 12 stand-out craft beers curated by us, specially for you, delivered to your doorstep every 1, 2 or 3 months. It’s only a click away.

If you’re relatively new to craft beer, the regular Introductory We Pick Box should serve you well. If you’re striding into the scene, the Premium box is well worth your attention. 

Clearly, we want you as a member of our beer club for the long haul, so when you join you can trust us to send you the very finest craft ales the country has to offer. Free delivery is always included in the price too.

Plus, as a member of our beer club, you’re entitled to exclusive member beer discounts, codes and giveaways as well as Craft Coins our cashback rewards programme where you get money back on every online purchase! Sound good?

We’ll send you your box of cracking craft beers without you wasting any more of your brainpower. Some really nice surprises await when you open your box. 

If you find you prefer one style over another at any stage just email us and we’ll try where we can to customise the box for you. Sorted or what?

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Regular We Pick Box

We tend to pack these boxes with the best beers from craft brewers’ established seasonal beer ranges both core and seasonal. They tend to be fairly light in style with a good smattering of fresh IPAs and pales, but there’s often the odd surprise in there too. We look to keep these beer boxes up to date and often feature a lot of the newest beers we have in stock. If you fancy more of one style than another just let us know and we’ll try to send more of what you want.

£36 every 1, 2 OR 3 months



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Premium We Pick Box

As well as the usual selection of the best beers from craft brewers’ ranges, you get two or three helpings of the extra special. Premium We Picks are packed with fresh IPAs and pales, plus expect doubles, sours, juice-bombs, experiments and 440ml monsters. There’s always something included to take your beer game to the next level. We keep these beer boxes bang up to date and often showcase truly cutting edge beers that have the craft community talking.

£42 every 1, 2 OR 3 months



Try as a one off

How we deliver liquid delicacies to your door

Step 1 - We scour

Step 1

We scour

The streets of London tasting beer

Step 2 - You pick

Step 2

You pick

Pick 12 beers or if you're feeling adventurous we can pick them for you

Step 3 - Delivery

Step 3


We deliver the goods

You get beer for the weekend

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