Craft Coins explained


What are Craft Coins?

Craft Coins are our very own loyalty scheme. Should you happen upon a handsome sum of craft coins at some point, you can exchange them for beer via our online shop. Come to think of it, you don’t even need to happen upon a handsome sum of craft coins. Even if you have just a few, you can still redeem them.

How do I get Craft Coins?

First, open a free account

You’ll need a Craft Metropolis account to get Craft Coins (because how else could we top up your balance?!). You can register for an account here or on checkout.

With purchases

Once you have an account, you’ll get Craft Coins with your online purchases. You’ll get 2 Craft Coins for every £1 you spend.

So if you place an order for £60, you’ll get 120 Craft Coins back to spend on future beers. Ker-ching!


Referrals are also a pretty effective way to get Craft Coins, too.

If you refer a bud to Craft Metropolis, they’ll get 500 Craft Coins (worth £5) straight off the bat.

And, once they’ve placed their first order, you’ll get 500 Craft Coins (again, worth £5) too.

How much are craft coins worth?

1 craft coin is worth 1p. Simple enough, right?

Any usage restrictions?

Two that we can think of right now.

The first is you can’t use Craft Coins in our physical taprooms – we’re not Zuckerberg enough to work out how the hell that would work. We tried. For a bit.

Turns out it’s a minefield.

The second is, sometimes, you won’t be able to redeem Craft Coins if you’ve already used a discount code.

I want Craft Coins!

Well then, set yourself up an account and get cracking. And, Craft Coins aside, as always, thanks for supporting our small business. We really appreciate your custom.

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