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Age Restriction

In accordance with the Licensing Act 1964 you must be aged 18 or older to buy alcohol. By placing an order with us online you are confirming you are aged 18 or older. We reserve the right not to deliver if we are unsure of this. It is an offence to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in the UK.

If you are buying alcohol for someone else the recipient must also be aged 18 or older.

If on delivery our couriers are in any doubt about the age of the recipient on delivery, they will request some form of ID. Our drivers are instructed to enforce a challenge 25 policy in this case. If the recipient of the delivery looks under 25 the delivery company they have been requested to to ask for valid proof of age. Proof of age must be a driving licence, passport or other reputable form of ID. We reserve the right to cancel the delivery if the age and identity of the recipient is in doubt.

Out of stock beers

We work really hard to ensure that all items listed on this website are available and in stock, there are occasions where this may not be possible.  Time/postage permitting we will always email you to inform you about lack of stock.


From 2015 to May 2020 we ran this site as a subscription model. Voucher codes sold at this time were given 24 months validity and are now no longer valid.

Pricing & sale items

We reserve the right to change the price of any product at any time. This may be due to availability, where the beers have been supplied from or any other factor. Our bar and out online shop are the same company but run on their own in lots of regards so sometimes pricing may vary online as in store slightly. Sometimes we offer damaged or short/out of date beers for sale or discount. All beers reduced in price in any way or advertised as sale are exempt from our usual guarantees and terms. We look after our beer but we will not be held responsible if these are not fully as intended.


See our Delivery page for more info on how we post beer to you. This page acts as our delivery terms. Mistakes happen on both ends but Craft Metropolis reserves the right to charge for reposting items where we deem an incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete delivery address has been given. Redelivery or incomplete and inaccurate charges are £5.99 irrespective if this was paid at the time or if it was free delivery.


All vouchers and offers, unless otherwise stated, are intended for single use only. We reserve the right to retract, remove, cancel or amend offers at any time. Promotions, unless specifically stated, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order we feel does not meet our conditions.

Your personal informationPromotions

We reserve the right to use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


We are VAT registered. All prices quoted include VAT at 20% as do our online invoices. For full detailed invoices with VAT breakdowns please email us and we can supply.


All items are non-returnable unless the beer itself is faulty. We source beers from as many breweries direct and expect some wear and tear on the cans. We aim not to ship cans that are damaged but this happens sometimes and we only offer refunds for can damage at our digression.


All our packaging is 100% recycled or reused. We often use waste card to pack our boxes – so it might not look the prettiest but our priority is to get great beer to you undamaged and in one piece. Scream loud if you require a box packed in a more elegant way i.e. for a gift.


We pay close attention to the ingredients and vegan credentials of every beer we stock and try to list as much information as we can on the site. We can make mistakes so we urge customer vigilance when drinking any beer as to its ingredients. All should be listed on the products themselves but it remains the breweries responsibility to properly and accurately list a full and accurate list of ingredients on the product itself. If in doubt or for any allergy advice (such as nuts) please contact the brewery in question. Craft Metropolis cannot be held responsible for listed ingredients (beyond guidance on the site) and it is the breweries responsibility to full list ingredients in each beer.


We have many methods of interaction but we can only use email as an official port of call for all customer interaction. Our live chat box, social media accounts and phone number are there to assist but for all official activity only an email with a response can be given as valid communication.


We are a small team and are humans, just like you. We love beer and are trying our best every day. Please expect the best but except the odd error made my silly humans that get things wrong every now and then. x

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