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Asked Questions

What is craft beer?

OK, we are called Craft Metropolis but we just like good beer and we’re not going to get pernickety over it if something is classed as one thing or another. Our general rule is we class craft beer as brewed for taste rather than volume on a smaller scale in independent microbreweries.

What beers do I get if I subscribe?

If you pick your own it’s obviously up to you. Leave it to us and in each box you’ll get 12 different craft beers that we have handpicked from different microbreweries across London and maybe the odd out-of-towner.

Can I choose the beers in the box?

Yes if you would rather pick your own, simply select head over to the Your Pick section and pick away. You can order either a one-off box or a monthly subscription. With a subscription, we email you a code each month. You then pick your beers, login and checkout – so YOU are in control of the beers you get every month – they can absolutely be a different 12 each month if you wish. We now also offer boxes every 2 or 3 months if you would like your beer less frequently. You set your delivery frequency after picking your first 12 beers on your first order.

There are not that many breweries in London. Won’t I get the same beers every month?

Nope! There are now around 100 breweries and counting in London, each making a fair range. Most make seasonal brews and specials, too. Whether you are letting us pick or choosing your own we’re also constantly adding to our range every months so you’ll never run out of new beers to try. You will from time to time get beers from the same brewery but we’ll do our best not to send the same type or style. We’ve even hooked you up with a NEW button to highlight new-in beers. New beers are marked as “new” for just over 3 months so everyone on every subscription gets to see them.

Aren’t these beers quite expensive compared to the supermarket?

Yep. These beers are made in small batches and are often bottled by hand made with fresh, organic ingredients. What you’re getting is a beautifully crafted, flavoursome and loved beer so the costs are naturally higher than the mass-produced stuff.

There are other companies like this right?

True, true, we are not the only ones and there’s lots of ways to buy good beer now – which is good news all round. We are a small company and proud of our independence and are in no way affiliated with any corporation, and have no desire to be so. We have a modest turnover, deal with EVERY order personally and do not buy in bulk or overly wrangle with breweries, it’s not our style. It means there’s no big soulless warehouse, no faceless supply chain, and no middle men. We deal direct with the breweries and we want the best deal for them, the producers, for us and most importantly our customers. We like to think we do things the right way. Think of us as your local bottle shop, only online.

Some breweries from London are missing!?

We try our best to keep up with all the latest releases and hopefully we get as many beers as possible on the site as we can. If there’s a beer or brewery we don’t stock let us know. We don’t stock Beavertown, Brixton or Fourpure as they are owned by big beer companies. We don’t believe these big companies are involved in craft beer for the good of beer. We are proud of our independence and want to support other indie companies so these big breweries do not fit with out ethos.

Premium beers. I notice some beers have a small cost next to them – what are they?

They’re our very special Premium range! To make sure you have the flexibility of a subscription that you pick and control, these beers do cost a little more. A box packed full of Impy stouts and DIPAs would ruin us under normal circumstances, but we want you to have access to the big beers if you wish. So these brews cost just a little more. Premium means there are no restrictions on the number of big beers you can order and it means we can expand our range without any shackles our end. So if you are picking a one-off Your Pick box these extra costs are added to the box price at checkout. If you’re a Your Pick monthly subscriber, your renewal price stays the same each time – £36. If you then add any Premium Beers to your subscription box you pay any small extras on check out.


Tell me more about delivery?

Although we are London specialists we deliver pretty much ANYWHERE in the UK. Delivery is always FREE and included in the box price. We deliver anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and UK Isles. Please allow 5 working days for delivery to mainland UK and a little longer for Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and UK Isles. We cannot deliver to outside of the UK unfortunately.

I need beer fast!

We know the feeling! Premium 24-36hr delivery is available at a small extra cost at checkout, as is the option for Saturday delivery.

Tracking my beer…

Your delivery will be made through a range of companies though our delivery partner Weengs.

You will receive an email from Craft Metropolis when the order has been despatched.

If you have selected Premium you will receive a text message and/or and email on the day of delivery with a 1hour slot along with instructions on how to manage and amend this delivery time.

Standard deliveries should be attempted within 5 working days of your dispatch email confirmation. If you are not in a card will be left by the delivery company with instructions on how to track and manage a redelivery. This service is not tracked as standard but if you do require a tracking number and link please ask us for this at

Where do you deliver to?

NOT just London! Our prices include delivery to anywhere in the UK.

I need to be over 18, right?

Yes, our couriers have been instructed only to hand deliver to someone who is over 18. We also operate a Challenge 25 Policy so if you look under 25 we will ask you to prove that you are 18.


What’s all this talk about subscriptions, then?

You’re well within your rights to order a one-off box of beer. But, if you’re into your beer and want to save some money, you can subscribe to the Craft Metropolis beer club. As a subscriber, you get beer delivered regularly, every 1, 2 or 3 months. It’s kinda like a much better version of gas or electric. Your Pick subscriptions are £36 per box (instead of £38, which is the one-off price) and you get to pick the beers that go into each new box. Premium beers, as you’d expect, come at a small premium. We Pick subscriptions are £36 per box when you join monthly (instead of £38 as a one-off), and we’ll send you a varied selection that we choose ourselves every time.

How do I pick my own box each time on a subscription?

We use a simple voucher code system. Your renewal payment goes through and we email you later that day with instructions on how to use this pre-paid voucher code. Please be patient this isn’t automatic but we think it’s worth the short wait. The email is titled “Beer time! How to pick your next box…” and has all the information you need in it to pick your box each time.

I’m a subscriber but I’m having a party, a work event or I just want more delicious beer. Can I get an extra box?

Absolutely, just log in and buy a single box. This will not alter your monthly subscription. If you are a subscriber and want to do this get in touch – we offer you this at your discounted monthly rate but you need a code from us.

I’m having a wedding or a birthday and I need a LOT of beer. Can you supply?

Sure, we need as much warning as possible but we can offer discounts on this kind of thing. Get in touch at and we’ll see what we can do.

I’m going away for a bit. Can I pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription at any time – just email us to let us know the date you want to restart. You can pause your subscription for up to the duration of 4 boxes on your monthly plan.

Can I get my beer more or less often?

Yes, let us know and we will set your beer to come every 1, 2 months or 3 months, whatever you want – just email us at

How do I cancel?

If there is something wrong or you are unhappy, please let us know. We would hate to lose you. Should you want to leave though please email us. We ask that you do this at least 3 days before your next monthly subscription is due to be taken or you may be billed for that month.

I’m a bit confused. Can you help me?

We are here to help! Mail and we will do our best to get you back on track.


How do I pay?

Monthly subscriptions are taken one box at a time from your first order then charged on a rolling monthly basis until you cancel. 2 or 3 monthly subscriptions are charged 2 or 3 monthly respectively.

How do I know when my next billing date is?

You can see this in your account settings, which you can access by logging in, and clicking on “account info”

I have a coupon code, how do I redeem it?

If you have a code simply pop it in the Coupon Code box at checkout and click “apply”.

Can I return my beer?

All boxes are non-refundable unless defective in which case let us know on and we will find a solution.

Can I send a box to different people and addresses i.e. my office or as a gift?

Yes, you can send boxes to anyone you want so as long as the address is within the UK and the recipient is over 18 years old. Simply tick the “this order is a gift” at the checkout stage and, very importantly, make sure you input your address as the billing address and the recipients address as the delivery address. Adding their contact email here helps us arrange a delivery slot too so if it is a gift please add it here.

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