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Asked Questions

What is craft beer?

Craft Metropolis was set up in 2015 with the aim of making a hobby a career for owner Oliver. We LOVE craft beer. Our general rule is we class craft beer as brewed for taste rather than volume on a smaller scale in independent microbreweries.

Aren’t these beers quite expensive compared to the supermarket?

Yep. These beers are made in small batches and are often bottled by hand made with fresh, organic ingredients. What you’re getting is a beautifully crafted, flavoursome and loved beer so the costs are naturally higher than the mass-produced stuff.

There are other companies like this right?

True, true, we are not the only ones and there’s lots of ways to buy good beer now – which is good news all round. We are a small company and proud of our independence and are in no way affiliated with any corporation, and have no desire to be so. We have a modest turnover, deal with EVERY order personally and do not buy in bulk or overly wrangle with breweries, it’s not our style. It means there’s no big soulless warehouse, no faceless supply chain, and no middle men. We deal direct with the breweries and we want the best deal for them, the producers, for us and most importantly our customers. We like to think we do things the right way. Think of us as your local bottle shop, only online.

Some breweries I’ve heard of are missing!?

If there’s a brewery or beer we don’t stock and shout – let us know! We try our best to keep up with all the latest releases and hopefully we get as many beers as possible on the site as we can. We don’t stock breweries such as Beavertown, Brixton or Fourpure as they are owned by big beer companies. We don’t believe these big companies are involved in craft beer for the good of beer. We are proud of our independence and want to support other indie companies so these big breweries do not fit with out ethos.


See our dedicated page on delivery.


We used to run this as a subscription club but changed to provide a more hands-on bespoke service.


I’m having a wedding or a birthday and I need a LOT of beer. Can you supply?

Sure, we need as much warning as possible but we can offer discounts on this kind of thing. Get in touch at and we’ll see what we can do.

I have a coupon code, how do I redeem it?

If you have a code simply pop it in the Coupon Code box at checkout and click “apply”.

Can I return my beer?

All boxes are non-refundable unless defective in which case let us know on and we will find a solution.

Can I send a box to different people and addresses i.e. my office or as a gift?

Yes, you can send boxes to anyone you want so as long as the address is within mainland UK and the recipient is over 18 years old. Make sure you input your address as the billing address and the recipients address as the delivery address. Adding their contact email here helps us arrange a delivery slot too so if it is a gift please add it here.

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