10 Fresh New Craft Beers To Try This Week

Posted on 22/04/21

Oli Meade Craft Metropolis Founder

Oli Meade

Mother Earth’s Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle and the same brewery’s Imperial Salted Caramel Oatmeal Stout are going to be of interest. But Polly’s experimenting with liquid hops?! To produce a Quadruple IPA?!!

There is, clearly, only one place to start the list this week. So let’s go!

Polly’s Spectrum Range brewed with Liquid Hops!

1. Polly’s Spectrum IPA, DIPA, TIPA, QIPA

Polly’s have always been at the forefront of great brewing, and their experiment with liquid hops has added a level of complexity to their new Spectrum range that even Polly’s have never been able to achieve before now.

There’s a IPA, a DIPA, a TIPA and even a fabled QIPA to tuck into! Only 6 of each in stock. Seriously limited.

But, if you’re quick, you can collect the whole set.

Update: Spectrum sets are now sold out. For notifications every time we get good stuff in, jump on our newsletter.

The Hops

2. Belching Beaver – Phantom Bride IPA

We welcomed new brewery Belching Beaver to our shelves this week, all the way from Californ-I-A (sorry).

The sexy can-art on the Deftones-inspired Phantom Bride IPA is a decent indication of the quality inside. A four hop mega-blend of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops dial up the citrus, hoppy goodness. Want more fruit? Well, then check out Here Comes Mango IPA.

3. Track – Down Is The New Up IPA

Track’s brew Down Is The New Up IPA has been going down a treat this week, with its supposedly ‘simple’ malt bill of extra pale, wheat, oats and pale rye for a delicate mouthfeel, then fistfuls of kiwi, lime, orange, white grapes and even sweet honeysuckle on the finish!

4. Verdant – Horizon Balance IPA

While I was busy restocking Verdant’s Allen and Ceiling this week (both glorious, obviously), I thought I’d take a ‘chance’ on new Verdant brews Horizon Balance IPA and Enjoy the Uncertainty IPA. It’s official. Verdant are a brewery that can do no wrong.

Horizon Balance IPA was probably my favourite. It’s super pale with a light, creamy body, packed with pineapple, orange and our old favourite grapefruit resin.

The Darks

5. Polly’s Brew Co. – The Rivalità Russian Imperial Stout

Oh my word, Polly’s have not only smashed it with the Spectrum range, but while they were at it created this week’s hands down best darks in The Rivalità Russian Imperial Stout.

I wasn’t too bothered about trying this tbh, it just seems so down the line, but crack it and wait as it slowly seduces you with layer after layer of roasted coffee, dark fruits, and rich dark chocolate. 

Rivalità has a beautifully sweet edge and aftertaste, yet no adjuncts. Incredible.

6. Mother Earth Brewing Co. – 4Seasons: Autumn ’20 BA Imperial Salted Caramel Oatmeal Stout

Mother Earth are a US brewery that caught my attention this week when I spotted their special 4Seasons: Winter ’20 BA Nitro Imperial Mocha Stout and then their Imperial Salted Caramel Oatmeal Stout.

Yeah, maybe a bit out of season, but an 11.2% barrel-aged salted caramel oatmeal stout?! I couldn’t say no!

7. Belching Beaver – Peanut Butter Milk Stout

I’ve also been enamoured by Belching Beaver’s dark classic Peanut Butter Milk Stout this week. Awards might not always indicate quality, but this has received no fewer than 13 since its inception… which surely says something.

Then there’s Viva La Beaver Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout from the same brewery – which takes the beauty of the classic to even more experimental heights!

Sours / ‘Other’

8. Mother Earth Brewing Co. – Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle

Is ‘other’ a good word?!

Probably not, but when you’re starting out with Mother Earth’s Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle Cream Ale it seems entirely appropriate.

Here you’ve got hints of vanilla and a citrusy creaminess that’s sweet yet refreshing all at the same time – it’s mad!

9. Yonder – Self Care Plum & Violet Sour

Yonder never fail on the sour front, and this week their Self Care Plum & Violet Sour has rightly been turning heads.

Remember parma violets? Mix those with fizzers and you’ve got this beer.

10. Burning Sky – Luppolo Pils

Lager fans, rejoice! We may be underserved in craft circles, but Burning Sky’s Luppolo Pils is absolution in a can!

This is brewed with classic pilsner malts but packed to the rafters with German hops for a truly modern take on a forgotten classic. Fermented cold then dry hopped and lagered for an extended period, you get a big hop punch, yet refreshment with a clean, crisp finish.

Beers I really can’t leave without mentioning

On the subject of lagers, Yonder/Donzoko’s Sundial Foraged Lager is worth a peak. Brewed with wild Somerset nettles, which are apparently a close biological relative to hops. Add to the list Dry & Bitter’s Bob Helles Bock and suddenly lagers are looking somewhat special. Could 2021 finally be the craft lager year?!

Back over in staple craft-land, Howling Hops’ Single Hopped Triple Citra DIPA is magnificent. I wonder if they sell them on the sea shore? 

Wylam’s Sticky Bud is back, and is as dank as it has ever been. Plus Pressure Drop are in with new trio Welcoming Committee NEIPAInvisible Audience NEIPA and Rocks Rivers Trees West Coast IPA.

Polly’s might eschew adjuncts, but you can be sure Amundsen don’t. Root Of DarknessWired and Cereal Killer are all gloriously big and boozy decadent dark beers. Come to think of it, LHG’s Feels Like Heaven Chocolate, Vanilla & Walnut Stout might be dialled down but it’s of the same ilk.

Finally, if you do manage to bag Polly’s Spectrum QIPA this week, you may well be interested in the alcohol-free goodness of Lowtide for balance – DIPA Toe in is the juiciest of the lot.

Hope you get to try some of these wicked beers this week. As always, stay safe out there. 

Cheers as ever & happy drinking!

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