8 Fresh New Craft Beers To Try This Week

Posted on 18/02/21

Oli Meade Craft Metropolis Founder

Oli Meade

New Amundsen Desserts In Cans! A new pale ale that rivals Steady Rolling Man! And a banging Yuzu sour from an unsuspecting brewery that always punches above its weight!

Kicking off with the best new darks, here are my favourite new beer releases this week.


1. Amundsen – Tonka & Caramel Swirl Ice Cream Dessert in a Can

Whenever you get hold of a new Dessert In a Can, you know it’s going to be a belter, and all 4 of the new Amundsen’s are genius. White Chocolate S’Mores has been the fastest seller so far but I’d have to say my own personal favourite is Tonka & Caramel Swirl Ice Cream – so thick, so creamy, it lives up to the name!

2. DEYA Brewing / Wiper & True – Hoppy Porter

DEYA’s Wiper & True collab Hoppy Porter is another interesting new brew that caught my eye this week. DEYA are clearly known for their hoppy brilliance, while Wiper & True know their way around a porter. Put the two together and you get a wicked-smooth chocolate porter with a dose of hops. Sounds bonkers, but it somehow works!

3. Left Handed Giant – Dark Mild

Elsewhere this week, mild’s resurgence continued via Left Handed Giant’s Dark Mild. Berries mix with caramel and lightly roasted malts in this little 4% package, the perfect way to see out winter.


4. DEYA Brewing – Break Me Into Bigger Pieces IPA

DEYA hit us with three new specials this week, and the stand out is Break Me Into Bigger Pieces IPA. Don’t get me wrong, Bundobust Pale and Invoice Me For The Microphone IPA are equally magnificent, but the lime and lemon peel in Break Me Into Bigger Pieces makes this a summer-tinged citrusy IPA. With the spring sun coming, it’s worth having one on hand!

5. 360° Brewing – Sussex Haze Pale Ale

Next up, 360 came out with one of the best sub 5% pales I’ve had in a long time this week in the form of Sussex Haze. A juicy, pillowy, tropical pale, this was so good I ended up buying the rest of the 360 range. Has Steady Rolling Man met its match?

6. Polly’s Brew Co. – Nada DIPA

Polly’s bring out so many mega new hop-bombs so often that it almost feels like cheating including them in this newsletter, but then Nada DIPA really is a belter. A rebrew of last year’s show-stealing epic, tuck into a swag bag fill of dank and tropical hoppy goodness. It’s Polly’s at their best, which is all I need to say.


7. Brick Brewery – Imperial Yuzu Sour

Brick brewery topped the sour charts this week with their new 10.4% gem Imperial Yuzu Sour. Brick combined yeast of the moment Kveik with their house lactobacillus to brew this monster, with everything conditioned on pools of yuzu juice laced with citrus peel. It’s a citrus sour flavour bomb, get involved!

8. Amundsen – In Cafruits #2 Mango, Peach & Chocolate Creamsicle Pasty Sour

No, you’re not seeing things… my second sour hat-tip this week goes to a sour by none other than Amundsen! Amundsen released a few new sours this week. They’re just about as mad as Amundsen’s world-famous Desserts in Cans – but check out pick of the bunch Mango, Peach & Chocolate Creamsicle Pasty Sour – you’ll soon be adding Amundsen to your regular sour line up!

But wait – there’s more!

Back over on the dark side, DEYA released their own porter with Astral Planes Porter. Think plenty of brown malt, roasty, tobacco, leather and dark chocolate vibes. Yes please!

Left Handed Giant weren’t about to let a week go by without releasing another epic stout. Cosmic Starry Dimension Chocolate, Pecan & Tonka Stout is silky, sweet and nutty with vanilla and cacao. At 7%, it’s like a box of those chocolates with liqueur in the middle.

Amundsen also released darks outside of their famous DIC series, the epic 440ml Cool Beans Four Bean Imperial Pastry Stout and ditto Tall Stack Chocolate Chip Maple Covered Pancake Imperial Pastry Stout.

Aaaand then Amundsen went and brewed up some hoppy numbers too, showcasing Vic SecretEl Dorado and Strata hops in all their naked glory. 

Burnt Mill continued their dependable brilliance with a wicked West Coast DIPA, while Gardens of Green Strata & Citra NEIPA is the latest in their dual hop series. 

New hop numbers also landed from Neon RaptorPomona IslandAlmasty and By The River, and BBNo bucked convention with their new East Coast IPA.

I couldn’t go without mentioning another fun S43 sour – You’ve Been Mango’d Sour IPA. This is fresh off the back of having to change the name of You’re Not You When You’re Thirsty, which officially makes S43 full on legends! Let’s hope Britvic can take a joke, shall we?

As always, I hope you get to try some of these epic new beers this week.

Cheers & happy drinking!

(The founder)

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