8 Fresh New Craft Beers To Try This Week

Posted on 06/05/21


Oli Meade Craft Metropolis Founder

Oli Meade

This week, there’s a Triple IPA I need to tell you about that’s as keenly priced as a Triple IPA has ever been. If you’re yet to get in on the TIPAs, you need this in your life!

There’s also a banging Imperial sour from Polly’s, and a Salted Maple & Pecan Fudge Stout from everyone’s favourite island-based funsters. So when you’re ready, let’s begin!

The Hops

1. Polly’s Brew Co. – Monstercat West Coast IPA

A new West Coast IPA from the hop masters Polly’s!

Polly’s have brought their unique magic to a style we all already love, ‘pyramid’ hopping Monstercat with progressively smaller amounts of Simcoe, Chinook, and Columbus hops. The technique allows each hop to shine. What it all means in taste terms is a dank murk monster full of resinous, piney, earthy notes. Oh yeah!

2. Gipsy Hill – Big Baller TIPA

Elsewhere, Gispy Hill, after becoming employee owned, brewed up some wicked specials to mark the occasion.

Employee Owned IPA is the commemorative number, but there’s also their Big Baller TIPA to sink your teeth into – complete with huge juicy, tropical flavours and a smooth, pillowy mouthfeel.

3. Pressure Drop – Karate NEIPA

Pressure Drop’s Karate NEIPA is of the same ilk as the above, albeit with a dialled down ABV. Karate is an amalgamation of Idaho-7 & Citra hops, which makes for a juicy overripe mango & luscious pineapple NEIPA, complete with a touch of orangey citrus.

Again, lovely and soft. Hop magic.

Sours & ‘Other’

4. Polly’s Brew Co. – Tidal Reveals Peach & Apricot Imperial Gose

We all know what Polly’s can do in the hop arena, so it’s awesome to see them experimenting outside of their comfort zone… especially when the results are as epic as Tidal Reveals Peach & Apricot Imperial Gose

The peach and apricot are deliberate choices, to reflect the sweeter notes you’d likely find in a Polly’s hop bomb, but then they’re expertly soured to balance the sweetness. A healthy dose of local sea salt wraps things up – wicked stuff.

5. Gipsy Hill – Squashed: Lychee, Gooseberry & Elderflower Sour

Our newly employee-owned neighbours Gipsy Hill, meanwhile, also came out with a special sour this week in the form of Squashed: Lychee, Gooseberry & Elderflower Sour.

A gloves off, gung-ho, no-holds-barred approach eventually saw 22% of the whole bleedin can as pure fruit here! And outstandingly assembled fruit it is.

Layers of lychee, then waves of gooseberry, then a smattering of elderflower. 

This is one you’ll want for summer days. 

6. Beak/Forest & Main – Cliff Saison

On the subject of summer, rising stars Beak have teamed up with Forest & Main to produce Cliff Saison

Wheat and pilsner malts are a traditional nod; the truckload of Saaz and Motueka hops are most definitely not.

Complex, slightly tart with a touch of apple, it’s clean, dry and very, very drinkable. 

The Darks

7. Pomona Island – Mr Moustache Imperial Salted Maple And Pecan Fudge Stout

Let’s all just take a second to appreciate Pomona Island’s wonderful Mr Moustache Imperial Salted Maple And Pecan Fudge Stout, pictured above, shall we? Salted, sweet, nutty & indulgent, it’s everything you could ever want from a fudge stout and more.

‘I’m not proud’, say the brewery of drinking such a beer.

And that is where they and I differ.

8. Pressure Drop – Choice Of Dessert Choco Banana Imperial Milk Stout

Pressure Drop’s Choice Of Dessert Choco Banana Imperial Milk Stout, of course, is a banana split of a dessert stout that’s silky smooth, creamy, rich, loaded with banana and cacao. It’s already made a name for itself. Even non-stout drinkers are drawn in. Incredibly given the flavour profile, this baby contains no artificial flavourings whatsoever.

If you’re tempted by any of the above, good news!

We recently moved warehouse – which means I can now get all orders placed before 1pm in the post marked next working day delivery. Delivery is free on orders over £60.

So I hope I can send you some of these soon!

Cheers & happy drinking as always, 

(The founder)

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