9 Fresh New Craft Beers To Try This Week

Posted on 11/02/21

Oli Meade Craft Metropolis Founder

Oli Meade

Brew York’s new Tonkoko milk stout, an experimental Triple IPA from Vocation and a Polly’s Imperial Sour! The brew train continues!

Here’s what I’d really recommend checking out this week.


1. Low Key – Jörmungandr Laphroaig Barrel Aged Chocolate & Tonka Imperial Stout

This week, I’d like to introduce you to brand new craft brewery Low Key. Most new breweries play it safe. Maybe come out with a core pale, an IPA and possibly even a lager. Low Key? These guys – a barrel aged specialist – have  come out and smashed the craft beer world in the face with nothing less than Jörmungandr Laphroaig Barrel Aged Chocolate & Tonka Imperial Stout. And it’s epic! Sold out all over the shop, we literally have two left at the time of writing so be seriously quick if you want to see what all the fuss is about! [Update – those 2 bottles are now gone. To hear about new beer releases as and when they come out, jump on our newsletter.]

2. Brew York – S’more Tonkoko Marshmallow, Coconut, Cacao, Tonka & Vanilla Milk Stout

If you miss out on Low Key, do not fear! Brew York released another epic set of their famous Tonkoko darks this week, the best of which has got to be Brew York’s S’more Tonkoko Marshmallow, Coconut, Cacao, Tonka & Vanilla Milk Stout. This new edition brings toasted marshmallows to the coconut, cacao, vanilla and tonka bean party. How they do beers like this for such an epic price point is a question we’re yet to ask, and probably won’t to be honest with you.

3. Left Handed Giant – When The Moon Collapses Stroopwafel Imperial Stout

There’s also a ton more Left Handed Giant goodness in this week I’d like to highlight… giving a special mention to When The Moon Collapses Stroopwafel Imperial Stout. As all bake-off fans know, the Stroopwafel is traditionally placed over the top of a cup of coffee so that the caramel melts and becomes even more delicious than it once was. This coffee-tinged toffee and caramel delight is a nod to the stroopwafel, and it’s bleedin’ lovely.


4. Dig Brew Co. – Full Restore Imperial IPA

In a week in which we’ve got new hop-bombs from Polly’s, Verdant and Burnt Mill in, it takes something seriously special to take top Hop spot this week… and Dig Brew Co’s Full Restore Imperial IPA is exactly that. Who the hell are Dig?! Good question. So these guys are a relatively new craft brewery based in – of all places – Birmingham. The city is a bit of a black hole when it comes to craft beer, right? Dig are stepping up to change that. We have a few of their brews just in, but Full Restore is the best of the bunch. This Impy IPA is a huge helping of thick, sweet fruit juice backed by a load of piney hoppiness. Give them a try!

5. Vocation – Mesmerisum TIPA

Next up – have you seen how experimental Vocation have been getting lately?! Their core range you’ve obviously tried. But when I saw how much messing around they’d been up to lately, I went out and brought in a load of their new stuff… including an ESB, a Kveik DIPA and the epic Mesmerisum TIPA. Big hitting hops mingle with smooth malts for a wondrous new hop monster. Get involved!

6. Verdant – Unconventional Tactics DIPA

And finally for the hops this week… Verdant’s Unconventional Tactics DIPA was always going to be a gem. Nelson Sauvin is Verdant’s favourite hop. And in this DIPA, they’ve used Nelson Sauvin, added more Nelson Sauvin and paired that with Nelson Sauvin for a juicy celebration of their all-time favourite flavour cannon. Epic stuff.


7. Polly’s Brew Co. – Plant Sugar Imperial Rhubarb & Quince Sour

Look, you know a beer is good when you head out to photograph it and end up drinking it instead, and that’s exactly what happened this week when I tried to photograph Polly’s Plant Sugar Imperial Rhubarb & Quince Sour. There’s a jammy tartiness here and a mouth-shrivelling rhubarb twang, with a sprinkle of sea salt that makes you just want more. Nice work.

8. Dig Brew Co – California Fruit Smoothie Sour

Dig Brew Co have also treated beer fans to a gem of a sour this week, with their California Fruit Smoothie Sour. Filled with raspberry, cranberry & blackberry, this proves the brewery are far from a one trick pony.

9. Pressure Drop – Wu Gang Chops the Tree Hefeweisse

I’m also going to recommend Pressure Drop’s Wu Gang Chops the Tree Hefeweisse here. As a Hefeweisse it’s obviously not technically a sour but it’s mega funky and let’s be honest beer fans all love it. Order one if you’re yet to try it – especially if sours aren’t usually your thing. Branch out!

But wait – there’s more!

On the subject of Pressure Drop ‘sours’, Future Sunshine Peach, Pineapple & Passionfruit Sour is back. It divides opinion but we’re very much in favour… sour fruits and cream, what’s not to like??!

There’s a load more Wander Beyond madness, who I could probably recommend every week. Metropolis Of Gold Imperial Milkshake IPA has the craziest Untappd rating, but all of their lactose-y, creamy, milkshake IPA gems are immense – and all await.

Two solid new Burnt Mill darks are also worth your time. You’re going to have to choose between Glints Collide Baltic Porter and Higher Grounds Coffee Porter though. Good luck…

And while we’re on darks, Verdant have a new dark out. They’re obviously not known for their darks, so fair play to them for coming up with the likes of Don’t Fear The Ferryman Imperial Stout. It’s one of those where you can’t help but think that, weirdly, it might get more attention if it DIDN’T say Verdant on the can. Still, you know their 40 Watt Moon DIPA is gonna steal the show. 

NEW BREWERY ALERT! Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned these yet – Dark Revolution are in the house! There’s loads to choose from so have a rummage. Movin’ on Up Cookies & Cream Imperial Stout is epic. Blood Red Moon Hibiscus & Lime Sour is also top drawer. Mercury Rising Hazy NEIPA is interesting. What happened to the hazy NEIPA influx in the end?!

Polly’s return with Spur IPA (only a few left), Northern Monk’s OFS025 Strawberry Plum Sakura Fruited Sour and OFS026 Red Bean Stout are both treats, and we have a mega new uptake of Duration back in! You love Duration, we love Duration, there’s five lines awaiting, dive on in!

As always, I hope you get to try some of these epic new beers this week.

Cheers & happy drinking!

(The founder)

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