9 Fresh New Craft Beers To Try This Week

Posted on 09/06/21


Oli Meade Craft Metropolis Founder

Oli Meade

This week, a few new brews from the wicked little Spanish craft brewery Garage Beer Co. really caught my attention.

As you’ll see from the list below, there’s a Garage TIPA, a single-hop Garage DIPA and a chewy Garage summer stout that are all outstanding.

Only one place to start this week’s list though: with Pomona Island’s 500th beer.

The Hops

1. Pomona Island – This Dynamic Could Go On Indefinitely QIPA

Pomona Island’s 500th brew This Dynamic Could Go On Indefinitely QIPA is here, and it’s a massive four-hop celebration of Mosaic, Sabro, Citra and Strata!

A huge hoppy beer that tips the scales into Quad IPA territory, expect thick, expect rich, expect juice – it’s Pomona Island after all!

2. Garage – Mosaic Face Off DIPA

We received so much Garage this week it’s laughable. 

Soup IPA is back, then there’s Triple Soup TIPA which is bound to get the headlines, but it’s their single hop series of Citra Face Off DIPA and Mosaic Face Off DIPA that blew me away.

Each of these uses just one hop but is loaded with said hop in four different varietals, added THREE TIMES throughout for a screaming showcase of the Citra and the Mosaic hop in question. My favourite is this Mosaic – pineapple, mango and dank, this is what Mosaic alone can do!

3. Almasty Brewing Co. – Sherblato DIPA

Meanwhile Almasty are back with some corkers, the best of which for my money has to be Sherblato DIPA. Citrus aromas backed up with layer after layer of tropical fruit, it’s what all hop lovers love – a good beer done great.

4. DEYA Brewing – Pure Unashamed Luxury TIPA

And I can hardly leave the hop section without mentioning DEYA’s new TIPA. DEYA fans, grab a spoon for this one – fruity, smooth and creamy, DEYA’s DEYA’s Pure Unashamed Luxury Triple IPA is aptly named.

The Sours

5. Wildflower – St Abigail White Peach Wild Ale

Sour geeks will no doubt be chomping at the bit to get in on the new Sydney-based Wildflower brews, which is why we went out and sourced FIVE their rich wine-like wild beers recently, all waiting for you to get stuck into. 

St Abigail White Peach Wild Ale is both my favourite and theirs: mixed ferm, barrel-aged and made with 1100kg of white peaches hand picked from Thornbrook Orchard in Nashdale, NSW. 

It’s a vanilla-peach dream with a sherbety, funky peach finish that just goes on. Not cheap, but one hell of a treat.

6. Pastore Brewing – Raspberry & Strawberry Waterbeach Weisse

A week rarely goes by when Pastore don’t come out with something brilliant, and this week that brilliance is Raspberry & Strawberry Waterbeach Weisse

A mixed fermentation berliner weisse conditioned on raspberries and strawberries, just in time for summer. Yes please!

The Darks

7. De Struise Brouwers – Black Damnation X: Double Wood

Now De Struise Brouwers’ 15% Black Damnation X: Double Wood is not for the faint hearted, but as a dark lover I am all over this regardless of the season! 

Black as hell, stonking rich and aged on sherry casks! Christmas has come early. What, you want something stronger?! Ardberg whisky barrel aged Black Damnation IX: Beggar’s Art is 18.1%.

8. Garage – Into The Long Grass Stout

Next, Garage’s Into The Long Grass Stout is more of a stout that obeys the seasons, which you may well be grateful for if you’re in on those De Struise monsters! 

Roasted malts make for a big, chewy, malty beer that oozes dark chocolate, coffee and chewy biscuit, but somehow ends with a refreshing finish. Beautiful.

9. Holy Goat – Foehammer Imperial Stout

Holy Goat’s Foehammer Imperial Stout, meanwhile, does nothing of the sort, instead smacking you in the face with an unashamed Russian Impy stout. Charred and smokey, this is a big, grown up beer.


Finishing the Garage haul this week are their new sours which include Deeply Strange Barcelona Weisse and RV-3004 Fruited Sour. Is there nothing this brewery cannot perfect?!

There’s a wicked Papaya and Mango sour from Almasty too. Even DEYA are in on the action –  My Phone’s On Snooze Berliner Weisse is pure, tart raspberry. 3.5%.

BBNo continue their quiet brilliance with new 55 DIPA: Citra & Sabro. New season Citra and Sabro hops make for an intensely juicy, full and creamy tropical trip.

There’s new Polly’s in the form of Circle Foam DIPA, the double dry hopped Petal IPA and Outside The Rumour Mill DDH Pale; Pressure Drop are back with hazy Catamaran NEPA; Lost and Grounded broke convention with their hoppy red ale and check out this border-defying German/US/Greek Triple IPA from three world-class brewers.

As always, I hope you get to try some of these new beers this week.

Cheers & happy drinking!

(The founder)

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