New beer arrives from Herne Hill - Canopy Brewery are back

Posted on 05/12/16

They are one of the closest breweries to us and having missed their recent (very kind) brewery night invite I thought it was time to revisit an old flame. It’s always nice when stock arrives – make it feel a bit like you’re getting somewhere and it can only mean one thing; people are enjoying great beer.

Canopy Brewery Boxes Delivered

(Boxes arrive at Craft Metropolis waiting new homes)

The session IPA had flown off the shelves after their first delivery so it only made sense to have a pick about the product list and get not only that, but the rest of the available range back in stock. One of the long lost beers of 2016 was Their Full Moon Porter. One of the first drops we had in stock back in the early days, why oh why hadn’t we plopped more of this on the site I thought. That was when the line up looked more like this:

Canopy Brewery Range of Beers Herne Hill

Although the regulars are still there there’s been a decent update too: Along with the usual suspects now is a session Tall Trees Session IPA to compliment the flagship and very popular Brockwell IPA. So the good news is both IPAs are back after a short holiday as well as the Sunray pale ale and the Champion Kölsch. I know that it all feels a bit like the summer is still here with the Sunray and the Kölsch creeping back in but sometimes it’s nice to get snuggled up by a roaring fire and slurp an ice cold summer beer – even in December. No? OK, well I think so. It was really interesting to take hold of some of their newer and more experimental beers too – just for sampling purposes at the moment. The first was an imperial stout and the second a huge (and potent) 750ml bottle of simcoe IPA. More notes to follow when these samples have been, erm, sampled. All I know is like the rest of the range they are beautifully artworked and look the business – here’s hoping the flavour backs that up.

Canopy Brewery Logo Herne Hill

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