Beer festivals. What to wear by The Idle Man

Posted on 04/08/17

Beer festivals. What to wear by The Idle Man

We’ve teamed up with The Idle Man to answer the age old question – What To Wear Wear To A Beer Festival?

Beer festivals are massive events that attract beer enthusiasts all across the world. In the summer the season is ripe for a beer festival, as beer is best paired with warm weather and sunshine. Since a beer festival is a quintessentially summer event your look should also capture the spirit of summer: easygoing and casual. And while layering is otherwise a good style decision, we recommend steering clear since temperatures can get quite high.



Your go-to look for an event such as this should be totally unpretentious and something that will keep you cool in the summer weather. Jeans paired with a T-shirt or a short-sleeved button down shirt will fit the occasion perfectly. If the weather is expected to be especially hot, swap the jeans out for denim or chino shorts. Just because you’re dressing casually doesn’t mean you will look too lackadaisical. Reach for simple silhouettes but in high quality materials to still look stylish.

While the dress code of these events is generally casual, there are pieces you can utilise to smarten up your look without looking out of place. Smart-casual pieces like lighter coloured chinos and a lightweight oxford shirt will make you look put together without being too stuffy – we mean that both figuratively and literally. The point of dressing for a beer festival is that you want to be able to enjoy it without much fuss, so take that into consideration before reaching for smarter pieces.


Beer festivals. What to wear by The Idle Man

In terms of footwear, you could of course go for trainers or plimsolls for comfort’s sake. After all, you’re probably going to be on your feet all day. If you’re looking at slightly smarter options you could go for desert boots, boat shoes, or even loafers. Desert boots strike the perfect balance between casual and smart, but if you decide to wear them we recommend steering clear of suede as they get dirty easily. If you do opt for boat shoes or loafers, skip the socks because it will be too hot and you’ll look more laid-back without them.

When going to a beer festival, there are a few practical accessories you should wear that will elevate your outfit at the same time. Sunglasses are a must to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays, and you’ll also just look that much cooler with some shades on. Wearing a cap is also a good idea not only for the extra sun protection, but it similarly can be a stylish accessory.

Beer festivals. What to wear by The Idle Man

A beer festival is the ultimate way to celebrate summer while it lasts, as not many occasions come around where it’s socially acceptable to drink the day away. In order to enjoy the event to the fullest, your outfit should be fuss-free. Opt for simple and lightweight pieces that look stylish but will be functional. Your accessories should also fit the casual vibe, and definitely think about adding some sunglasses and a cap to your look for both fashion and function.

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