Best craft beers to enjoy in the summer sun

Posted on 04/07/18

Best craft beers summer 2018

We love a cold beer in the sun – it might be one after work I the pub beer garden or at home watching the football having a craft beer in your hand as the sun sets is one of life’s simple and brilliant joys.

So we had a quick look at a new summer brew or two that we have in stock for this months subscription box to see what the best craft beers right now were for summer suppin’.

In no particular order:

1) Jeffersons Jeffersons Hikari Ichi Japanese Very Pale Ale
New on the site and blowing us away are new outfit Jeffersons based in Barnes. This beer is creamy, almost like a cream soda with hints of very mild spice and lemon. Then on the flip side of it’s flavour profile there’s a super-clean bright effervescent crisp flavour that demand you open the next one. A brilliant alternative to any IPA, pale ale or lager and now one of our favourite summer beer styles.

2) Pillars Untraditional lager
We love this in the sun simply because although it is a traditional lager in style it packs a load of flavour into it as well. Crystal clear and like nectar to a dry throat this is a big two fingers up to anyone that thinks lager is boring.

3) Brew by Numbers 01|04 Saison Ginger & Grapefruit Saison
The top five beers could not be complete without a summer saison and this BBNo offering is perfect. Light, mellow but with enough heat from the ginger and enough bite and interest from the grapefruit to keep it from being boring. As far as good citrus beers go this is 100% the type of beer you need when you’ve got a bead on in the back garden.

See this website for the best beer fermenters

4) Fourpure Juicebox Citrus IPA
A bit of a classic craft beer in a short space of time. One of the first easily available juicy IPAs this little beauty is now a mainstay of summer. It’s the perfect beer to start with as the BBQ starts up. Clear amber liquid with an intense citrus of orange zest and juice are the first two things you notice about drinking this beer. The second is how easy it drinks for 5.9%. The best thing about it? You feel like going up a gear then reach for it’s big brother Deucebox (the double version) and party until the sun comes up again!

5) Weird Beard Sour Slave
We love this sour beer for two reasons: 1) because it’s so damn good 2) it’s so damn sessionable. A truly brilliant hot-day-thirst-quenching sour that is good enough for a seasoned sour fan but also perfect for someone that asks; “what is a sour beer?”. The citrus and zing are balanced just right with the hops that help mellow the tartness out. Want a nice sour beer or want to try a sour beer? Grab this and sit back in your deck chair with our best summer beers 2018 guide.

Want to try these and 150+ other craft beers online? Head to our Your Pick page

Cheers for reading, now get out in the sun!


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