Craft Beer and the Festive Party Period

Posted on 22/12/16

The festive period. Christmas, the new year and all those parties. It’s great isn’t it? No. It’s not that I dislike the fun element of it all and being jolly. I can be jolly with the best of them and I actually enjoy it all but one problem still exists – getting good beer at Christmas. Now, all the same establishments exist and all the great watering holes of London town or wherever and open and have craft beer flowing.However it’s not down to you where the office decamps to is it? We are in the lucky position where we have a great craft beer Christmas for obvious reasons. However I was invited to an office party the other day outside of the beery world and I had to say no. Not because the venue was a horrible pink and purple central monstrosity miles from home or the fact it would be wall to wall with selfie-takers and overly preened peacocks. No, the straw that broke the Craft Metropolis back was the beer on offer. I googled the bar and it had “Spain’s finest” in bottles (straight from Northhampton not Spain) and a Belgian beast (Stella). That was the best they could do. I wouldn’t count myself as a beer snob rather someone who likes beer and loves good beer. Of course I would miss the social element of the night but I knew I couldn’t pile a load of fizzy yellow water down my neck while everyone else wheezes towards a drunken wreck fuelled by said juice. Why is it when people choose a venue for a Christmas do they always try to get somewhere with good food – yet when it comes to the drinking (the most important part) and old hole is game?

Answers on a postcard.

Have a brilliant and craft beer filled Christmas everyone!

Drink responsibly, and by that I mean craft!



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