Don’t do dry January – Tryanuary instead!

Posted on 12/01/17

For some people the excesses of Christmas are all just too much. As the remnants of the last scraps of turkey fizzle away in their belly and the scales starts shouting their annual abuse at them they start to reevaluate their lives as they stare down the barrel. The barrel is January. January brings with it a whole host of challenges and conundrums. You’re fat, you have to go back to work, you’re skint and the bin men are coming on….what day again?! It’s a nightmare of epic proportions. You’re already feeling down and to compound it all the f-ing recycling is stacked up beyond the lid and the foxes have been sniffing around your cans and bottle mountain. What could be worse? What if for the the whole month of January you took away booze glorious booze? Now, it’s not just the wonderful medicinal qualities of alcohol you are missing out on, when you’re a craft beer fan then it’s much more. Going dry for January is not just a removal of booze it would mean taking the punishment to your tastebuds too. As a lot of craft-reformed drinkers will testify drinking in a craft beer world is different to the normal lager-life intake. It’s less about guzzling down the gullet and more about flavour and savour as it were. So in short please don’t bother! The serious point is that it really impacts businesses and not just this one. We are bang in the middle of a truly dry January. Sales drastically down and we are sure this will be the same in your local boozer as well. It’s killing the industry in a feast or famine time. Sure December is a big smash-bang-wallop of beer but then dry January? Give it a rest. There’s already Stoptober and other dry times of year in place – why make the worst month of the year even worse?
To help with all this we have teamed up with the wonderful campaign Tryanury
They take the sensible approach to boozing in the blackhole month of the new year which is simple – stop stopping and get trying!
They’re not encouraging an all out booze-fest, almost the opposite. They say:
This isn’t about drinking more.
It’s about trying something different.
Tasting something new.
Experiencing something interesting.

Tryanuary Poster

So for an exclusive deal on your first Craft Metropolis box on any of our monthly deals and to get behind an amazing campaign they really makes January much more bearable have a look and get involved. Remember to use #Tryanuary on your beer posts this month and lets show January who is boss!

Thanks for listening as ever.


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