London Brewers’ Market – buy the beer!

Posted on 09/05/17

London brewers marketWe love the London Brewers Market so much last time we decided to go one further a month later and make a box of craft beer designer around it! If you missed it we had an absolute blast back in April when we took a stroll around the beautiful setting that is Greenwich market as it was set up for record sales and beer – what a combo. Catch up with that post about the Greenwich Market here

So one month on what had we actually learnt? Well for one the beer on offer there is both excellent and varied and also that it’s an excellent day out even if you don’t love beer or are a huge beer nerd. The other thing to note is it is such an ever-changing feast. This time around The big boys Beavertown and the new upstarts Brewheadz were subbed out and in came two equally brilliant breweries. And these were not the only changes. In came Herne hill’s finest Canopy and Gingerline/East London Line favourites Brockley Brewery. Also in the mix were the new-can-kids Villages and Bianca Road and the London Beer Factory along with stalwarts Five Points, Gipsy Hill and Orbit

London Brewers’ Market – buy the beer!What a line up and here at Craft Metropolis we were privileged  to be able to put together a festival beer box just for this fab day.

London Brewers' Festival Craft Beer Box

It was just too good an opportunity to miss and look at the line up!

  1. The Gipsy Hill team have offered up Les Gilles, their new, sour cherry Belgian Dubbel
  2. Canopy, meanwhile, chip in with their oh-so-fruity and brand new Supine Extra Pale Ale straight out of the tanks
  3. Next up is London Beer Factory’s new Spring Thyme special, brewed with ginger and thyme especially for the summer season
  4. London Beer Factory’s high-hopped and hard hitting Paxton IPA also nestles in nicely next
  5. The Partizan crew then join the party with their cocoa &-coffee laced Table Brown, again only bottled last week
  6. And Five Points themselves offer their new-in juicy, zippy Citrus Pale Ale
  7. Also from Five Points is Hook Island Red, a red rye that adds a much-welcomed touch of colour
  8. Bianca Road’s citrusy-yet-spicy IPA brings things back to terra firma
  9. And Brockley’s tangerine-tinged Golden Ale steadies the ship
  10. Orbit’s malty and bitter Düsseldorf original Neu Alt adds a continental twist
  11. Before Villages chime in with both barrels in the forms of their Toucan Session IPA
  12. …and their floral, acclaimed Rodeo Pale Ale

London Brewers’ Market – buy the beer!

Taken together, this specially curated box is not to be missed. It was great to talk to each brewery and get together a box of beer that was both varied, exciting and full of surprises. New beers it alongside old classics while new interpretations mingle with bold styles and small start-ups sit next to established and big outfits

For those new to the world of craft beer, it’s a hell of a range that introduces you to all corners.

For the more advanced, it’s packed full of newbies from the most exciting breweries of the moment.

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Roll on the next one!


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