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Posted on 09/09/19

Wow August was hot! I hope you enjoyed the summer sun and are ready for a slightly more chilled September? Here’s a quick bit of news about what’s new this month in the world of craft beer online:

Our headline for this month is the return of Siren brewery with a load of their beer including staple core and specials. Ten Dollar Shake is an old favourite and its’ so good to see it in a 330ml can for more people to grab hold of. As good as that is (and it really is very very good) it’s somehow pipped by Oats on Oats which has all the oaty creaminess and all the hops too! Try both maybe? Of the core range you know what you are getting; easy drinking hoppy and fresh delicious beer. Our pick of them has to be the dry-hopped lager Santo. If you think lager is boring think again this is brilliant and choc-full of flavour.

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Second up the kings are back. We’ve not had many pales from Kernel recently so a little treat for you right from the beautiful basics up. We start with Table (always brilliant, this time with El Dorado hops) through very different pales to two IPAs and a much sought after Beiré de Saison! Our pick would be the Amarillo/ Cascade/Vic Sectret pale and the Saison but they are all worthy of anyones attention.

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Next up….we’ve been chatting to Affinity Brew for 3 years so we guessed them releasing 4 big cans for of delicious beer was as good an excuse as any to grab them and ping them on the site for you to get your chops around. A really small set-up and well worth supporting we bring you a session IPA, a sour and a saison. Our pick of the bung has to be the single hop Glass of Drink centennial IPA. Very floral and full of punch.

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OK, not a month goes by without some new Brick beer right? Yeah, sorry about that! I blame them for making amazing beers and I’ve told them as much. “You stop making great beer, I’ll stop buying it!” haha.

From the light end of zippy to the big end of dark and moody we have two sours and their easy-drinking Pils to the mega-dog that is Scroggin’. Needless to say if the suns out the grisette is our pick but as the leaves turn yellow we are reaching for the nutty dark 10% impy. Enjoy!

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Last but not least we have our first cans from Mondo. Mondo have always been well represented on these virtual shelves because of their drinkabilty and fun approach to brewing. This has continued through their new series and it looks like there will be no stopping them now. Lots of styles, plenty of experimentation and bags of flavour. The Mango Pale is probably the pick of these but they are all well rounded and well executed brews.

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I hope you enjoy picking these beers as much as I enjoyed hunting them out and trying them for you/me!

Cheers and keep smiling


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