Beavertown Extravaganza lineup 2018 – updated list and ticket refund news

Posted on 04/07/18

Which breweries are left pouring at Beavertown Extravaganza after takeover – and what’s news on ticket refunds?

Beavertown Extravaganza lineup 2018 – updated list and ticket refund news
Latest ticket news:

5/7/18: Refunds will be available to people should they wish to claim money back. Here’s what they have said:

We’d like to thank all ticket holders for their patience with us during this process. It was an important step, that took time, but one that was necessary to assess the impact on the event and plan the next steps. Following this consultation, roughly half of the breweries remain committed to putting on a show and pouring their beers for all of you that have bought tickets. Therefore, we have decided to offer a two-step process for Beavertown Extravaganza ticket holders.

All of you who still wish to attend will be given a £20 refund on your ticket. To get this you do not need to do anything. It will be refunded to the card/purchasing method you used to purchase the original ticket.

If you no longer wish to attend, you have 2 weeks (closing date Friday 20th July) to apply for a full refund. To do this you must email with the name you used to purchase the tickets and the ticket reference number(s). If you have forgotten these, you can find the details by logging into your Ticket Tannoy account at , which you will have created at the time of purchase.

Please note, refunds are exclusive of booking fee and any amount will be refunded back to the card/purchasing method you used to purchase the tickets. Ticket Tannoy cannot refund to an alternative card/payment method.

Any requests for full refunds after the 2 week period will be rejected. From the end of the 2 week period please allow a further week (to 27th July) for actioning of those refunds. Then from the 27th July Ticket Tannoy will begin processing £20 refunds on the remainder of the tickets. This is a manual process so may take a little time. Normal processing time is 3 working days, however due to the high volume please allow up to a week.

Beavertown and the remaining attending breweries (list below) are committed to making The Beavertown Extravaganza a wicked party and we can’t wait to have a beer with all of you who still wish to attend down at Printworks!


Team Beaver.

As the news of the Heineken take over of Beavertown sweeps the craft beer world we thought it would be good to update the Beavertown extravaganza 2018 brewery list. Many of the craft breweries have expressed a strong take on the buy-out very much along the lines of what we posted here in our blog about the Dutch brewer Heineken taking a minority stake in Beavertown Brewery and how we will no longer stock their beer online on our online beer shop. The list includes huge British breweries, many of whom we stock online like Brew by Numbers. The best response in our eyes was Cloudwaters response. It sums it up to a tee on their beer blog.

“If we’d known then what we know now, we wouldn’t have signed up for this year in the first place.”

“We’re all deeply sorry that we withdrew from Beavertown’s Extravaganza.”

“If we had known early this year that Beavertown was working on a minority sale to Heineken, the world’s second biggest beer company behind AB InBev, we’d have pulled out months ago.

“It is a source of deep frustration that leaves us feeling a little used that around the time tickets were released for sale, a deal was likely already being drawn up with Heineken.”

“Not all bigger breweries are the same, and not all breweries that seek corporate investment do so at the expense of their wider independence,”

“Some big breweries appear to operate with the principles we hold dear in modern beer, regardless of their age, reach, or size, whilst other big breweries throw their weight around and engage in tactics behind the scenes against modern breweries’ values and existence.”


Mirroring Cloudwaters strong stance on this takeover many breweries on the line up have pulled out and have decided to run their own days at their breweries at the same time as Beavertown to make up for disgruntled craft beer lovers who had tickets to the beer festival. To us it’s a great alternative, a good solution and a big two fingers up to the big beer owned North London brewery. There was no official line from the brewery and gossip swamping the fans forums is that although the line up has changed incomprehensibly there will be no refunds to unhappy ticket holders. That was until the news today (5th July) that there will be a money back option for people who are unhappy with the changes.

Here is the latest list of brewers who are no longer pouring at Beavertown Extravaganza 2018 (updated 5/7/18)

Evil Twin
Pen Druid
Jester King
Modern Times
Dry & Bitter
The Veil

We hope if you have a ticket to the beer festival you enjoy it – at another brewery haha

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